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+30 24240 22124 - 22019

Απίστευτη τιμή για τις υπηρεσίες και καθαριότητα που προσφέρει!

Χρυσόστομος // ΣΑΠΕΣ, Ελλάδα

From the first moment we arrived to hotel Anelli we had a very positive feeling and we were very well compensated, we got a beautiful room and as we were waiting for our room to be available (we arrived very early) we were offered a refreshment. 

Panagiotis // Bruxelles, Βέλγιο

Relación calidad-precio excelente Amabilidad de la dueña y del personal

Itziar // Bilbao, Ισπανία

L'hotel è gestito dalla sig.ra "eli",veramente squisita E aiutata dalla sig.ra "cristina". la nostra permanenza è stata tranquilla,serena,ci siamo trovati molto bene per L'accoglianza dal clima familiare,gentilezza,disponibilita' E simpatia. 

Andrea // CREVALCORE, Ιταλία




Monastery of Timios Prodromos

T he monastery is located just 300 meters from the St. Barbara. Beloved monastery of all the locals with the very kind nuns who still take care of the monastery. Renovated from the foundation in 1721 by the monk Philaretos as stated in the inscription on the entrance. The Central church of the Baptist Monastery is the same type as the church of the Transfiguration (cruciform tetracone) except that there are two rooms at the side following the system of Holly Mount of Athos.
There are carved, gilded, high temple with rich decoration with birds, animals and 15 icons with the bigest holly celebrations. Important are the pictures of the monastery dating back to the 16th, 17th and 18th century AD.
In refectory of the Monastery there is a fresco refering on the foundation of the monastery. Inside the niche there is the picture of the prayer and at one side is St Charalambos and at the other is Hieromonk Philaretos and Founder.

im timiou prodromou sikis1

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Hotel Anelli
Skopelos city
T +30 24240 22019-22124
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