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+30 24240 22124 - 22019

Απίστευτη τιμή για τις υπηρεσίες και καθαριότητα που προσφέρει!

Χρυσόστομος // ΣΑΠΕΣ, Ελλάδα

From the first moment we arrived to hotel Anelli we had a very positive feeling and we were very well compensated, we got a beautiful room and as we were waiting for our room to be available (we arrived very early) we were offered a refreshment. 

Panagiotis // Bruxelles, Βέλγιο

Relación calidad-precio excelente Amabilidad de la dueña y del personal

Itziar // Bilbao, Ισπανία

L'hotel è gestito dalla sig.ra "eli",veramente squisita E aiutata dalla sig.ra "cristina". la nostra permanenza è stata tranquilla,serena,ci siamo trovati molto bene per L'accoglianza dal clima familiare,gentilezza,disponibilita' E simpatia. 

Andrea // CREVALCORE, Ιταλία




Saint John church

On the north side of the island, aigiannis which obscures the vineyards, olive, plum, almond, chestnut and pine trees from old times forgotten people, xekopike a piece of the island, a thumping rock and roll in the waves sea.

This rock is a massive pilgrimage of the waves that downloads the North Aegean. From far away it looks like ruined fort there in the wilderness of silence, and when the sun sunsets tilted back from the ridge of the island, dominated by an inexplicable sadness...

Up there the hand of the islander with respect and reverence to the divine, according to the deep feeling with the pure source and motionless religious motive, he built a small church and baptized in the name of 'Saint John the beheaded. He laid there the venerable image of it to have a shelter on the terrible winter nights. The islanders have so many stories to tell about the picture of the saint. They say that before the build of the church saw the holly picture of the saint hanging from the branch of an olive tree. Others say they saw him in full body standing on the holy rock inviting the faithful people to go to him.

The small but proud church always looks the island and reminds believers to not forget it... Regularly the tranquil days on Saturday nights women and girls from the villages, visit it, to light the candles ... West of the church is the stone yard ..and if you decide to risk and descend the steep narrow road, you can reach the hermitage. It is said that under a large stone that forms a cave hermitage an unknown Christian. The church celebrates on August 29.

AI Giannis Sto Kastri-Skopelos in Greece

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Hotel Anelli
Skopelos city
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